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Osun Osogbo festival mi love

ahaha They trying to stop us like i said i dont listen to brainwasher , Yemója Ósiki Ayaba tígbe íbu Ómi Árugbo Ólokun Yemója Álo bi iji wolu Íba Réé ó Should Fire be Rude to the River ' The River Will Surely Put it out (Ore Yeye ooooooo) osun mo ohun mi oluweri mo ohun mi olokun mo ohun mi omi agbe wa oo, Wise Woman of The Verdant Forest ' Wise Woman of Flowing River Wise Woman of the Renewing Waters When All Medication Failed My Mother Uses Water To Heal She Heals The Children And Never Bill Or Collect Money From Their Parents Not Like Doctors Now A Days She Who Bring Joy To The Barren One The Fast Flowing River The Gently Tricking Stream She Who Uses Water To Conquer All Negative Energies Great Majestic Queen Órisa of the Living Spring You Are The Órisa Dat i Adore Íba Réé ó íyamí Happy osun osogbo festival Y'all #OduaNation #osunosogbofestival #Art #Tradition To Download Our App For Mobile Download at The Top For Desktop Download at Home 9 🌊


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osun osogbo festival Art
osun osogbo festival art