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Flex thin at Magic Lab

🤣🤣 My Traditional Fam Will Never Allow Diss Right Here Listen up . 1. Do Not Date White Girls 2. Do Not Believe Copy cat / Liar 3. Do Not Bow For Devil 4. never give a f*uck about Lost Souls ati Jealous Fool's 5. they dont like us but they still Check everythin we do dat makes Dem a Fool innit 6. Remember You Are A Royal 7. You Got Problem With Dat ni 9jazone-records. © Copyright Love . #Businessman #ComingSoon #oosaCabal #GCode #Truthlah #Triplet #deluxealbum #moretodrop #Gbojue #OduaNation


Prince Gbasi at Studio
at Studio Lab .

oosaCabal and G Code out now


Channel 9 Music Store
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flex thin at magic Lab Prince Gbasi
making of G Code at magic Lab


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Prince Gbasi at magic Lab
making of G Code at Lab


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Prince Gbasi Youtube Channel


Flex thin at Magic Lab


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